Bali Government Launches Calendar of Event 2023

Bali Government Launches Calendar of Event 2023

Rabu, 18 Januari 2023 – 19:00 WIB

VIVA – The Bali government launches the 2023 Calendar of Events (COE) on January 17. The launch of COE 2023 was carried out during the inauguration of the Bali Tourism Media Center (BTMC) in Denpasar which was summarized in Kharisma Event Nusantara (KEN) 2023. 

In COE 2023, there are 66 events in 2023. This is expected to make Bali’s condition much better because it can bring in many tourists who want to attend these events. These 66 events consist of 51 cultural events, 13 special interest or sports events, and two meeting incentive conventions and exhibition events.

“We compiled the ‘Bali Calendar of Events 2023’ which aims to provide information as well as references about events that will be held in Bali in 2023,” said the Government.

Here is the full information.

Ngerebeg/Mekotek Mengwi, Badung Regency January 14, 2023. One of the traditions of rejecting bad luck from Munggu Village, Mengwi Badung to ask for safety. This tradition is held every 210 days during the brass festival.

Berawa Arts Festival, Badung Regency February 20, 2023. The festival aims to mobilize economy people. 

Ogoh-Ogoh Parade 1 Denpasar City March 23, 2023. This is a parade of giant puppets that are paraded around the village or a certain area the night before Nyepi Day.

Omed-Omedan Denpasar City March 21, 2023, is a traditional event where we can learn about the sense of togetherness and close kinship. This event is usually held the day after the Nyepi Day celebration.

Bali Rockin Blues Festival Denpasar City March 20, 2023. This is an event that presents musical performances that combine the genres of Rock and Blues music.

Pawai festival budaya jadi salah satu agenda pariwisata Bali tahun 2023

Bhineka Pantai Germany Culture Festival Badung Regency March 2023. An event that includes cultural arts performances such as the Bapang Barong and Mekendang Tunggal Festival, Legong Keraton Dance, Spearfishing Competition, MSME Bazzar, Exhibition of Residual Plastic processed works, and the staging of the Innovative Female Kecak dance.

Semarapura Festival Klungkung Regency April 28 to May 2, 2023. This is an annual event where each event will feature various traditional art performances owned by Klungkung Regency.

Bali Spirit Festival Gianyar Regency May 4-7, 2023. Bali Spirit Festival is an annual international festival of Yoga, Music, and Dance. Bali Spirit Festival embodies the core mantra of Balinese Hinduism, Tri Hita Karana to live in harmony with the spiritual, social, and natural environment.

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